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Cartoon by Jup in Brussels

September 29, 2010

The Fantastic Art Museum in Brussels recently hosted an exhibition entitled “2010, l’Europe Fantastique, et Surréaliste Apocalyptique, corrigée vue et européens par des Artistes”, where I had a work on display:

The theme of the exhibition was the reinterpretation of a monument, site or the European edifice, adding a touch of fantastic, surreal and apocalyptic.

I chose “Europa” – a statue made by May Claerhout, located next to one of the European Parliament buildings (Paul-Henry Spaak Building).

My reinterpretation looked like this: (trying to suggest everybody’s desperation to get their hands on European funds):

48 works of European artists were selected , among them mine. They were then reproduced in large format (80 × 120 cm) and exposed. (

PS – I thank my friend C. Vasile, who took the photos in the museum.