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Romanian Comics look back at New York City

The Romanian Cultural Institute in New York is pleased to join the Festival of Ideas for a New City to present, on May 7, a special installation highlighting Romanian comics and cartoons from 1890 until today. Come and witness not only the explosion of the genre after 1989, but also the New York and American influences on Romanian creativity. In the current interconnected world, can these practices mirror and inform back those in a city like New York?

The installation is curated by visual artist Alexandru Ciubotariu, and is based on The History of Romanian Comics 1981-2010, recently published by Vellant Publishing Bucharest, which Ciubotariu co-edited. On show will be works by both established artists such as Sandu Florea, Puiu Manu, or Livia Rusz, and young cartoonists that have taken the genre to a new level in the past decade, such as Matei Branea, Adrian Barbu, Alexandru CiubotariuVeronica Solomon or Jup.

A passionate comics artist, Ciubotariu will animate the installation and engage in conversation with the visitors. He will also take part on May 10, together with NYC-based Sandu Florea, to an associate event hosted by RCINY, to tell more about Romanian comics of past and present, and what it means to be a cartoonist in contemporary Romania.

The Festival of Ideas for a New City, presented by the New Museum, explores from May 4-8, with over 200 projects, questions such as: What makes the city worth living in? What can each of us do to contribute to a healthy, diverse, equitable, tolerant, innovative and fun place to live? Above all, how are the creative arts crucial to this and how can they move conversation forward? RCINY is pleased to join the conversation and offer a different perspective on the role of emerging arts in the fast changing urban landscape that defines many Eastern European countries today.


Smartphone application for native-americans

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(it might also work with a toaster)

In the Operating Room

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Lancia Thema

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The future Lancia Thame will look almost the same as Chrysler 300C:

The Early Morning Monster

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Flames painting fan

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So you like to paint flames.
1. Flames on the hood of your car – OK.
2. Flames painted on your house – not a very good ideea.

Halloween costume

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 (Warning: never talk to strangers, especially on Halloween night)

Supercostel.ro – english version

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I just finished the english version of www.supercostel.ro, the website were I’m showcasing my comic books.

Also I added an english version of the first chapter of my first comic book (published in 2008):
“SuperCostel – The Amazing Life Stories of a Regular Guy”.


Cartoon by Jup in Brussels

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The Fantastic Art Museum in Brussels recently hosted an exhibition entitled “2010, l’Europe Fantastique, et Surréaliste Apocalyptique, corrigée vue et européens par des Artistes”, where I had a work on display:

The theme of the exhibition was the reinterpretation of a monument, site or the European edifice, adding a touch of fantastic, surreal and apocalyptic.

I chose “Europa” – a statue made by May Claerhout, located next to one of the European Parliament buildings (Paul-Henry Spaak Building).

My reinterpretation looked like this: (trying to suggest everybody’s desperation to get their hands on European funds):

48 works of European artists were selected , among them mine. They were then reproduced in large format (80 × 120 cm) and exposed. (http://www.maisonbizarre.be)

PS – I thank my friend C. Vasile, who took the photos in the museum.